Safe Resolutions introduces new HSE and business wide software solution

Safe Resolutions Consulting has partnered with 6Cloud Systems to provide one the most advanced and user friendly HSE software products to our clients and users.

“Having evaluated and used HSE software products for nearly 20 years, I’ve come to realise what end users need and don’t need and this product certainly fills that need.  This product has been designed and developed by Safety Professional for Safety Professionals.” said Jeff Lyndon, Managing Director of Safe Resolutions Consulting. “By partnering with 6Sigma Systems, it enables us to provide our clients with a streamlined process so their management system can be supported efficiently by their software, and vice versa.  Developing a stand-alone management system that then needs to fit into incompatible software interface is like fitting a square peg into a round hole.  Now we are able to easily adapt the 6Sigma system to their existing management system, or if their system is in need of a review, we can build the new management system and adapt the software to complement each other.”

With the ability to create on line forms that when filled in and signed on a smart phone or tablet can be uploaded automatically, real time auditing of field operations is a reality.  Operational documents such as SWMS can be reviewed, amended, signed off and retained on site while having a copy sent for compliance reviews. The key aspect of the product is it’s configurability and can be developed to support areas such as  spare parts/maintenance management, HR/payroll, Quality, security logging and access control and contractor prequalification to name a few.

To find out more about this revolutionary software, contact Jeff Lyndon at Safe Resolutions on 0400 865 620 or John Scott at 6Sigma Systems on 0407 171713.