New Look

Safe Resolutions has launched its new look, starting with our new logo.We are excited about our new logo as it captures the essence of our business and what sets us apart when we partner with our clients. So how does the logo depict this?

The colours, leading our clients from a standard ‘light blue’ system that doesn’t stand out to a bright orange that stands out from the rest when tendering, being audited or just capturing the cultural essence of their business.

The evolving, cyclic nature of the triangles, capturing the Plan, Do, Check, Act philosophy and ‘if you do what what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got’.

The triangles, evolving in size as out clients grow and integrated systems grow accordingly, while still maintaining simplicity. From little things, big things grow!

The only unfortunate aspect is that we could only list four of our main areas of expertise – ‘Health-Safety -Risk-Training’. If we listed all the areas that we specialise in such as Incident Investigation, Audits, Inspections, Strategic Reviews, Behavioural Safety, Project Services, Management Plans, Mentoring, Data Analysis, Expert Witness and many more, there wouldn’t be enough room for the logo!

Contact us to learn more about how our business philosophies captured in our logo can assist your business.