Compliance, Audits & Inspection Services

Safe Resolutions offers a wide variety of Audit and Inspection Services including:

  • Critical Control Effectiveness Audits which are designed to monitor those controls which are fundamental (and often underestimated) in ensuring risks are maintained at an acceptable level. Training can be conducted so that your own staff can conduct these in house, or we can periodically conduct these to maintain a level of external due diligence.
  • Permit to Work Audits.
  • Process Implementation and Effectiveness Audits, designed to ensure key aspects of your systems or individual procedures have been implemented, are being followed and effective in reducing the level of risk and maintaining it at and acceptable level.
  • Periodic Third Party inspections/monitoring of projects and shut downs, especially during high risk activities.


With more than 20 years experience in the safety industry, Safe Resolutions can conduct an analysis of your current assurance programs and advise on what you can practically do to increase your due diligence.